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The Body Parts Store constantly looks for new and innovative products to add to our lines.  We have a number of trusted vendors that we have allied with over the years to make sure we are always on the cutting edge of products that are new, innovative, and most importantly - readily available to our customers.


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Sikkens products have the know-how built in so you do it right the first time. All Sikkens products are designed to make every job as simple as possible, which means there’s less chance for errors and re-dos. Sikkens refinishing systems are formulated to go on easier, in fewer coats and with less dry time so your painters can paint more cars in less time — with less material.
Plus, all Sikkens products — including undercoats, two-coat urethanes, basecoats and clears — help reduce application time and materials usage while giving you the glossiest, most durable finish in the industry.



Great finish. Great value!

Reliable, renowned for its superb color accuracy and ease-of-use, Lesonal is a true value-for-money, fully compliant refinish paint system. In addition, Lesonal comes with a mixing system, color documentation, and extensive training and support. Everything you need to achieve perfect car repair.


Wanda, an AkzoNobel brand, delivers value, color and simplicity to the collision repair industry. A growing global brand for over 75 years, Wanda is a complete, compact car refinish system offering excellent color match, a wide range of up-to-date color formulations, comprehensive color documentation and color retrieval program. Wanda products are durable, simple-to-use and require fewer components to complete the job. Great value without sacrificing quality, that’s why Wanda is the Smart Look and Smart Choice.





Better Process. Better Results.
The NEW U-TECH Single Stage now offers a more compact assortment designed specifically for the Commercial Vehicle color palette. The result; enhanced color quality, faster inventory turns and an improved bottom line.
U-TECH’s long-standing commitment to affordability and performance is now strengthened by our dedication to providing a paint process with far less complexity and greater ease of use.

U-TECH. Less Stress. Greater Success.


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